The rubber plantation industry in Sri Lanka has been established over 150 years. Through nationalization program in 1975 these rubber plantations were managed by the Government Cooperative until 1992. Following a World Bank Report these plantations were then re-privatized to 23 plantation companies. Lalan Plantations Ltd has been awarded a long term sub-lease of 53 years ending in 2045 from Bogawantalawa Plantations Ltd. to manage plantation in 4 regions (Mahaoya, Pitiyakande, Sapumalkande and Udabage) consisting of 13 estates. This arrangement has been approved by the Golden Share Holder and Ministry of Plantation Industries. In addition, Miyanawita and Dabar estates are managed by Lalan Rubbers (Pvt) Ltd under an agreement with Bogawanthalawa Tea Estates PLC.

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