Monitoring of growth, regeneration and condition of the forest

Each Forest Management Unit (FMU) of the company has a detailed record of the areas established with mature, young and newly planted crops. In addition it also maintains records of production for each crop and the productivity of individual division and estate by monthly. These data are maintained in the offices of the estates and reported to the head office in Colombo. Monitoring the changes of natural forest area is achieved through permanent sample plots (PSPs) marked in the natural forest area.

In addition, Permanent Sample Plots have been marked in randomly selected fields in order to monitor the growth of the Latex Timber / Timber / Fuel wood plantations and also to assess impats on soil.

Further, the monitoring of identified High Conservation Values, health and safety aspects, usage of pesticides, trainings, monitoring of impacts due to site disturbing activities are being carried out at field level and records can be made available for interested parties.
Please contact the company representative to obtain more details on monitoring records.